Advertising Minute 007: “What is Stealth Marketing and advertising?” (Corporate Branding) #MarketingMinute

Advertising Minute 007: “What is Stealth Advertising and marketing?” (Corporate Branding) #MarketingMinute

What is Stealth Advertising? And must you be undertaking it?

Stealth advertising, — occasionally known as “undercover marketing and advertising,” “buzz advertising,” or even “covert advertising,” — is when an organization or person purposely attempts to market anything to you with out you realizing it. And depending on where you’re performing organization, this variety of advertising and marketing could be regarded as illegal.

The idea might be to generate a seemingly organic buzz about a new product, or possibly to convince you to attempt a item or service since it’s been suggested by a seemingly trusted supply, but that source ends up being a paid agent of the marketer.

No one likes when brands are deceptive in their practices, but is stealth marketing constantly deceptive? Ought to a brand usually show their label or logo up front? Or is it okay to be pulled into a brand’s storytelling and then find out later that the brand was behind it all the while?

Basically, it is up to the buyers as to whether or not they feel that your approach to marketing is acceptable or not.

In essence, there’s a fine line among getting clever with your advertising, and getting deceptive. Your job as a marketer is to keep on the correct side of that line.

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