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Hit Your Target
  By: William Arruda
To be successful, it's not enough to have a clear understanding of your personal brand. You must also communicate it to the right people - your target audience. You'd exhaust your resources if you aimed to communicate your brand to the world at large. Successful brands are visible. But they are not necessarily visible to everyone. They are always visible to their target audience - those people who will help them achieve their goals. That's why you need to FOCUS your message on your target audience.

How Can You Lure Consumers Into Loving Your Brand?
  By: Dr. Dan Herman
Our starting point is to be clear as to what we mean by "love for a brand". The love of a brand is more similar to the love of ice-cream than the love for a spouse. Love for a brand is actually a strong feeling of anticipation for something good, pleasant or beneficial that we believe with great certainty that we will get from the brand. It is the anticipation for good experiences, pleasant sensations or positive emotions. Consumers love the M&M chocolate candies, buying at IKEA, driving a BMW, using a Nokia telephone or searching for information in Google, exactly because of the focused and intensive anticipation which they enthusiastically describe as "love". But we, as professionals, need to understand what is behind the verbal descriptions of consumers, so that we will be able to stimulate such feelings. To stimulate anticipation for benefit is a more approachable task than to "stimulate love".

How Consistent is Your Brand?
  By: William Arruda
Three things that all strong brands have in common are clarity, consistency and constancy. These are the all-important 'Three

Marketing Your Brand on a Cause Related Mission
  By: Anish V. Koshy
Does your brand's reputation and profile hinge on your advertising, public relations and marketing? Do you have a game plan to add value and income sales outside of sales? Tie in with a cause and watch your business take wing.

New Brand Extension: Martha Stewart Jailhouse Chili
  By: Robert Passikoff
If you donít know where your brandís core customer values lie, you risk losing everything Ė your brand, your customers, and your profits. Whatís worse, your brand may be worth no more than the tee shirt your brand joke is printed on!

One face to the customer
   Building a brand that unites company efforts in a customer-relevant manner
  By: Tim Riesterer
A complete brand building program will generate significant momentum and equity that can be leveraged across the entire company to support significantly improved prospecting and sales activity, as well as helping create customers as advocates.

PR Has to Be More Involved in Company Branding
  By: Andy Marken
Focus on helping your company produce value, build its assets and constantly create and recreate your organization’s brand. Marketing and advertising can’t do your job. It’s up to public relations to help people feel a connection/bond with your company and its products.

SEO Trademark Research Can Protect Your Brand
  By: Paul Bruemmer
Did you know itís possible for your competitors to drive substantial traffic to their web sites by virtue of your trademark name, using your reputation to attract visitors? Hereís what you need to know to protect your brand, your trademark, and your reputation.

Shattering the Branding Myths
  By: Diane Hughes
If you've been online long, you're sure to have seen many "gurus" give their ideas about branding. However, much of what you read simply isn't true. Over the years, many myths about branding have taken hold in the online world and spread like wildfire. The fact is: They are doing you more harm than good.

Small Business Branding: The Personal Connection
  By: William Arruda
As the leader of a small business, how do you succeed in a dynamic world of increasing complexity with a much larger set of competitors?

Small Business Marketing: Managing Your Voice Brand
  By: Chris Gatch

A company projects its brand in many ways: its logo, Web site, advertising, office and even employee attire. Yet with such an emphasis on developing an appropriate small business marketing strategy, it is surprising that one of the most active customer touch points is often ignored.

Talk the Talk and Listen, Too
  By: William Arruda
Strong brands understand that having regular communication-conversations-with all members of their brand communities is critical to successful branding. Your brand community is made up of your executives, employees, partners and alliances, customers, prospects and shareholders.

The Brand Balance:
   Branding to Support Your Company's Bottom Line
  By: Mark Shipley
What does a catalog for Williams Sonoma, a bottle of Vidal Sassoon shampoo and a cup of Dannon yogurt have in common? Each has a strong brand, a clear value proposition.

The Global Brand Communications
   Are you up for the Challenge?
  By: Wesley A. Ford
There is more value for companies in a national or global brand. Regional brands do not provide the economies of scale that strong national or global brands offer.

The Masquerade Ball during the Typing Revolution...
  By: Naseem Javed
out professional naming solutions to your marketing needs making sure that your names are on solid ground and can pass the Acid Test of Trustworthiness.

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Match: Any word     All words
Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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