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The Museums of Branding
  By: Naseem Javed
All over the world, with so many different meanings and perceptions of the word "branding", it appears that it has lost its true meaning; the terminology is more like a walk through a museum with a glorious past. Loose words like "economy" carry different meanings that speak differently to different people. To some, economy may refer to money, while to others, it means jobs, whereas for some, it's the thing causing climate change. Hold it right there. Branding gets even more adventurous. To many it's about having a business card with psychedelic logo, all the way to the polishing of doorknobs to improve an image, while to others; it's about getting ahead of the economy. So what's the difference between branding and economy? Now these are the terminology confusions that call for candid discussions.

The New Name-Economy of The New World
  By: Naseem Javed
Among other things, the top one percentile of the global brand name identities also causes what's pulling the strings of the world's stock exchanges, as when they sneeze, a shiver triggers throughout the globe, altering the wealth of national economies. The fact that markets shoot up or down when customers of the world, en masse respond to their dazzling offering either jumping in joy or taking a momentary pause proves their influence on global moods of the economy. These brand identities are extremely powerful and command respect from the universal populace; they also have obtained exclusive leadership position through their 100% ironclad ownership of their name identities. They without a doubt are inspiration to the entire remaining global business community, which is currently engaged in its own desperate climb to the very top.

The New Realities Of This New Name-Economy
  By: Naseem Javed
Only yesterday, the image of a bank was of a Roman arch, huge columns, and people working behind bars. Today, the banks and financial institutions are in your pockets, humming in palm-pilots, PDAs, laptops, quietly completing complex transactions, 24/7. Banks which all over the world discovered globalization and e-commerce way before these words came into our daily lingo, are not only caught in a highly competitive marketplace but also are stuck with a lot of old-fashioned names and ancient iconography.

The Object is to Glorify the Brand, Not the Advertising Guys
  By: John Malmo
Nothing in advertising is harder than making a commercial that interests viewers, delivers a strong benefit of the brand, and makes it impossible to forget the advertiser. Yet, it's the essence of the difference in advertising and entertainment.

The Truth About Branding for Publishers
  By: Azriel Winnett
When you brand something - be it a company, an individual, a a product, a service, a concept or a process - you impress strongly on people's minds whatever is special and distinctive about it.

Thinking Too Big Can Kill Successful, Small Brands
  By: John Malmo
It is unrealistic to believe that marketers of brand leaders can change their stripes to those of a niche player. And, in most cases, they are too arrogant to allow the smaller brand's people to continue exercising their own ideas.

Turning a Technology Brand into Revenue
  By: Paul DiModica
During the last twenty-four months, business-to-business technology players have miss-positioned their corporate business development by disproportionately spending their firm's funding resources on brand awareness instead of revenue generation.

What is a Brand?
  By: Kae Groshong Wagner
Learn the eight components of branding that any size company can use to create a brand and inspire customer loyalty.

What’s In A Name? The Six Essential Elements You Need To Know
  By: Susan Friedmann
Selecting a name for your new business is not easy. A name does more than identify your company.  It tells customers who you are, what you do, and more than a little about how you do it.

Why Corporate Images Are On Fire?
  By: Naseem Javed

Overnight, things got suddenly changed, over-exposing of corporate credibility and governance, like Richter scales gone wild are thumping the global populace in sheer panic while shattering thousands of mega corporate name brands worldwide. The good and sober companies of the world not only must weather these credibility quakes but also must project their clean image and stay protected during these monstrous shifts of global image.  Today, no matter how big or small the name-identity, it must face some of the principle Laws of Corporate Naming to cope with brand new challenges of corporate-sobriety. 

Why Corporate Images Die a Slow Death?
  By: Naseem Javed
Voodoo accounting is hurting us all; voodoo branding is hurting agencies. Now is the time to get really serious about corporate names.

Why The Beatles Singing iTunes…..?
  By: Naseem Javed
Apple fights have started all over again. Steve Job's start-up of Apple Computers in 1977 did ruffled Apple Corp. of The Beatles, a record label which they had established two decades earlier. After years of expensive legal fights and after Apple Computer paying some big damages an agreement was reached to co-exist in 1991. Now the Apple Computer’s creation of iTune, a music dispensing online service using Apple name and logo has rekindled the fires. Juices are flowing, once again. Apple Corp wants the courts to decide, once again.

Winning With Branding
  By: Laurie Rogers
Use the techniques in this article to win with branding.

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Match: Any word     All words
Note: Searches will not find words, such as 'marketing', that appear in more than half of the articles or words less than five letters long.


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