Assisted Living Advertising Must Be Driven by Strategic Care


The formula appears quite easy for the business of assisted living. The senior population is expanding, so the require for senior care is developing. All a firm has to do is to supply that care and they will have a increasing (and profitable) enterprise. If only it were that simple.

Caring is actually a essential portion of good results in assisted living, and all forms of senior care for that matter. Even so, just since a firm offers very good (or even fantastic) care does notmean folks will find them, then trust them sufficient to make a commitment and move in. That is where “Strategic Care” plays a crucial function.

Strategic Care permits for the appropriate men and women to recognize that a company actually does care and aids these consumers to spot the highest worth on that expertise. It drives the three R’s of assisted living marketing and advertising – Recognize, Bear in mind and Rave about the business…and the care. It creates trust and motivates “move-in” choice-generating. It leads to an enhance in census and profitability.

This notion is not that difficult to execute. It just requires a organization culture that makes it possible for, encourages and trains employees members to tie their actions to a desired company/advertising and marketing result, along with the preferred care result. And this revolutionary approach can simply be integrated into different places of the assisted living company that touch the consumer.

Face-to-face meetings.
Systems of operations.
Collateral materials.
Marketing and PR.
Community outreach.
And even internet sites.

The Progression From Mediocre To Fantastic Advertising and marketing

Here’s an instance of how an each day, polite occurrence (sometimes requirement) can be turned into a Strategic Care marketing and advertising tool that locations higher worth correct into the hands of the consumer.

So a lot of occasions I have heard “This is our Activity Director, Maria” or something related when getting toured via an assisted living facility. It is polite and it accomplishes a caring function – an introduction. Nevertheless, it misses an chance to communicate higher value, which is a crucial element of Strategic Care. So the function is completed, although the advertising is mediocre at most.

To add someStrategic Care, that very same person could say “Here comes the Game Guru.” (Maria will be encouraged to respond in a favorable way.) “I’d like you to meet Maria, our Activity Director. She has an wonderful knack for assisting seniors with cognitive problems to appreciate playing games.”

In this case, value has been placed on Maria as a particular person. Plus, the reality that the situation of cognitive difficulties was mentioned will also add recognition and worth to the solutions getting provided, in this case Activities. Of course, this would perform greatest when speaking with a person who has a loved one particular with dementia (the “correct individuals” pointed out in the definition of Strategic Care above.)

This easy alter creates much better advertising and marketing and positioning. However it can be taken to a higher level. The emotional introduction can be enhanced by adding a (true) story which includes far more worth, along with evidence of care getting supplied. “Maria always gets embarrassed when I brag about her, but Resident Bob’s loved ones thinks she is a magician. When Bob came to us, he wasn’t quite social. It took patience, but Maria permitted him to remain in his comfort zone and just watch everyone else have enjoyable. Then, tiny by small, she helped him boost that zone. Now he’s one particular of the initial people to line up to play. I consider your Mom and Maria will be best close friends.”

By incorporating a supporting story, much more worth was placed on Maria as a humble particular person and on her professional experience. In addition, the value placed on her by other folks was also incorporated – an endorsement or testimonial. To take it even one more step additional, technology can add more energy to this Strategic Care. For instance, “If you want, I can print you a photo of the Game Guru in action, so your Mom can turn into familiar with seeing her face before generating the move to Oak Tree Assisted Living. Or, I can e-mail the photo, if that is hassle-free for you.”

Drive A “Good” Improve In Business

In the end, a “straightforward” introduction turns into a marketing and positioning bonanza that provides lots much more value to the assisted living customer, which can aid to ease some of the stress in their selection-creating process. Look at all that is accomplished in this example.

Shared kindness, as properly as a feeling of inclusion to a visitor.
Offered proof of knowledge in senior and dementia care.
Demonstrated a willingness to serve and to go the extra mile.
Offered an endorsement of the consumer’s peers.
Showed an understanding of the transition approach a senior with dementia will most probably go via.
Created the employee really feel specific and motivated them to continue to take excellent care of their residents.

As well easy to be this rewarding? Isn’t this just getting nice and caring for other folks? Absolutely! Even so, when care is combined with technique, it becomes innovative marketing and advertising and extremely excellent company. When Strategic Care is incorporated into the selling procedure, communications mediums and company culture of assisted living organizations, this effective idea will increase sales.

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