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Web Marketing

World Wide Web Marketing,3rd Edition

Author: Jim Sterne
Publisher Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication Date: June 2001

Reviewer:Abby Leibel
Abby Leibel is the National Coordinator of the Association for Marketing Communications in Israel (AMCI). AMCI is a division of Coast 2 Coast Communications, Ltd. Founded in 1996 by Coast 2 Coast Communications, the association today includes over 100 Marcom Managers of High-Tech companies in Israel. AMCI is the only professional association in Israel for Marcom Managers in High-Tech export companies, and provides its members with regular newsletters, programming and monthly meetings designed to increase both their competitiveness and professionalism in the industry. Check out our website at

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When my mother first handed me the book World Wide Web Marketing: Integrating the Web into Your Marketing Strategy by Jim Sterne last week I almost fell off the chair. I was hoping for a small book that wouldn’t be too hard to read because I had less than a week to read the book and entertain my parents at the same time.

Luckily, this book ended up being absolutely wonderful. This book is one of the best tools for Marketing and the Internet I’ve come across. Not only does Sterne go into Marketing on the web, but he begins with general information on the World Wide Web. For instance, do you know how the Internet got started? In chapter 2, the first section is titled just that: “How the Internet Got Started?” Sterne recaps the history of the Internet beginning with the US military’s desire to “be sure networked computers could talk to each other even if some of them went offline…They needed a network that wouldn’t be vulnerable to a direct hit on a central point of control.” He then goes into a discussion on how the Internet works, and in Chapter 3 he goes into some details on the different uses of the web. Kudos to Sterne for teaching us how to walk before teaching us how to run.

Chapter 4 kicks off the discussion on Marketing on the web. He begins the chapter with a great saying that, I believe, is the basis for his entire book, “The World Wide Web is a pull medium, not a push medium.” In this chapter Sterne takes you step by step in how to build a site and make an impression along the way. He looks at everything from investor relations to public relations. He suggests having a “What’s New” section in your website so that media can access this information easily for possible PR efforts.

This book is reminds me of my college textbooks. But not the terribly boring ones. You know, the ones that have lots of subsections so that you don’t feel like you’re reading so much! The writing is simple and you actually walk away with some knowledge about the topic discussed!

Jim Sterne has some whimsy in his book. In Chapter 5, titled “Customer Service First”, he ads an amusing Ode to a Poor Web Site to prove his point on the importance of customer service and how to do it right.

In the next two chapters, Sterne looks into aspects of design as it relates to marketing. He delves into an interesting topic that has been the source of several discussions in AMCI’s May meeting. The issue of making your site user friendly vs. making your technologically flashy. He stresses that while it is important to have an updated and technologically new site it is also important to have the information easily accessed.

The next section is devoted entirely to feedback from customers. This section has tips on how and what to do in order to get feedback from clients. Sterne focuses specifically on surveying the clients.

The next chapter focuses on ideas to incorporate into your site. One of the best ideas and also the seemingly simplest idea is “Asking You What You Like”. Sterne uses as an example of a company who makes an effort to ask its clients about their book choices. Amazon sends its customers email whenever a new book by a certain author is published. An important section to check out.

Chapter 10 which is titled “Attracting Attention” focuses on the marketing methods of the site. Everything from making your site stands out by giving it an outrageous look to working on metatags and being listed on the large search engines. Sterne then looks at ways to measure success by examining the traffic flow in your site.

Chapter 12 raises some problems with websites and the next few chapters are devoted to starting out building a site and looking to the future.

This book is a great tool for the website building novice and the expert. It’s an easy read with lots of examples. I recommend you read this near the computer. There are some great web addresses to check out along the way.

Happy reading!