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Endless Prospects: 301 Tactics to Reach Hard-to-Reach People

Author: C. Richard Weylman
Publisher McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication Date: March 1994

Reviewer:Robert Middleton
Robert Middleton, of Action Plan Marketing in Palo Alto, Calif., has helped hundreds of professional service businesses attract new clients and get paid what they're worth.

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Ever gotten one good idea that really made a difference to your business? How about 301 good ideas? That's what you'll get in Richard Weylman's book, Endless Prospects (McGraw Hill, 1994), one of the better marketing and sales books for the small service business owner or professional. With eighteen key strategies and 301 specific tactics, Endless Prospects should lay to rest the belief that it's impossible to reach the prospects you want.

Weylman's tactics are not deceptive or gimmicky tricks you won't feel comfortable using, but tried and true techniques for getting known, building long-term relationships and getting appointments with qualified prospects.

Part I explores the importance of clearly targeting your niche and segmenting your market. This is not an exercise only for large companies. Soon after reading this section I found myself poring over my database, dividing my list between old and recent clients and developing even better ways to stay in touch.

Part III has over 60 very practical strategies on networking alone from very basic tips, "Ask rapport builder questions about each person's business," to very sophisticated tactics on gaining visibility and attention in your professional organization, "develop and deliver an educational seminar." And each tactic typically has detailed instructions on the best way to succeed at implementing it.

Part V includes almost 50 tactics on the problematic art of using letters and direct mail to gain the attention of prospects. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book -- from ideas on what to say in the opening of your letter to the best day of the week to mail, to what to put in the P.S. You'll quickly realize there are dozens of ways you can make your letters more effective.

Endless Prospects is highly recommended as a marketing primer both for novices and experienced service business owners or professionals.