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Winning E-Brand Strategies: Developing your Online Business Profitability

Author: Martin Brighty, Dean Markham
Publisher Spiro Press
Publication Date: April 2003

Reviewer:Robin Nobles
Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, ( has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses ( and is the content provider for (GRSeo) Search Engine Optimizer software ( She also teaches 3-day hands on search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops (

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Have you ever wanted to know how a Web site became successful, from the point where it was taken from a non-productive state and brought to screaming success?

Have you wondered about the strategies that brought the site such success, and have you ever wished you could apply those strategies to your own online business?

In this brand new book by Martin Brighty and Dean Markham, you're given a unique insider's look at what makes a successful online business . . . by studying a real-life example.

What makes this "unique" is that most extremely successful Web sites want to keep their techniques to themselves. But Dean and Martin have instead chosen to outline their strategies for you in this new book.

The book begins with a background of the online business and the market. From there, readers learn how the authors collected market data, designed their Web site, determined the company's primary goals, and put their ideas into action.

This step-by-step book outlines how to develop an online brand, how the Web site itself was optimized, and how the authors created a market niche for their product line.

Then, they explain in great deal the optimization process by defining the various keywords, tags, and optimization techniques that they applied to the site. And, one of the best parts of all is how they didn't spend a massive amount of advertising dollars to promote the business, nor did they have to hire outside consultants. Instead, they did it all themselves, just like most of us are doing.

The book is loaded with practical tips and strategies that are written in layman's terms that anyone with a knowledge of Web sites in general would understand. I found it full of valuable techniques that the authors learned through trial and error, so that readers could bypass the mistakes and move right into success.

The authors also outlined the various tools they used to automate their processes, which I also found very helpful.

On a personal note, I'm extremely pleased and proud of this book, because one of the authors, Dean Markham, has been a chat moderator at the Academy of Web Specialists for years, and he's even one of our past students. I've seen Dean's expertise in action, so not only can I highly recommend the book, I can also highly recommend the author.