Creating an eight-Figure Overall performance Marketing and advertising Empire | AWasia 2017

Building an 8-Figure Overall performance Marketing Empire | AWasia 2017

What I Discovered Coming out of Retirement at 24 to Create an eight-Figure Overall performance Advertising Empire

Rishan Bhagowat spent his youth growing up in South Africa, enduring one of the most politically-difficult environments of our generation. Rishan began off with a background in actuarial science, and spent his 1st couple of operating years predicting human mortality for insurance businesses and writing board exams. He soon moved onto playing online poker, which allowed him to retire and travel full-time at the age of 23. But that wasn’t enough…fast forward a couple years, and he’s given that constructed an eight-figure a year affiliate marketing empire, employing over 40 full-time workers from pretty much every continent of the world (except Antarctica). Join Rishan as he outlines his biggest challenges and most notable lessons with takeaways that will inspire you to reach equivalent levels.

Speech by Rishan Bhagowat
Founder, Milky Way Media

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