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Search Engine Optimization
Abbreviated as SEO, it is a rigorous, scientific methodology to:
  1. Analyze search engine behavior to try to figure out the algorithms the search engine uses to set the position of each found Web page in the search engine results.
  2. Use that knowledge to tweak Web page content to improve the position of the page in search engine results.
Companies want to improve their search results position because links near the top of the first page of results are much more likely to be clicked on than, for example, results on the bottom of the 23rd page. And getting people to visit your Web site is a required starting point for getting them to look at the promotional material that you have on your site and convincing them to buy from your site.

SEO should be a rigorous and scientific discipline, but, with so many companies so hungry to improve their search engine position, a great many fly-by-night search engine optimization companies and individual "experts" have gone into the business with little research or rigor. Because there have been reports of search engine companies manually penalizing Web sites that blatantly try to subvert the search engine's ranking algorithm, a ham-fisted attempt at SEO could actually end up greatly hurting the positioning of a Web page.
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