Green Advertising Campaigns: Reduce Your Footprint


Businesses are increasingly becoming held accountable by customers for their impact on the atmosphere.  Governments are also mandating reductions in carbon emissions and will probably continue to enforce new environmental regulations on firms. Consumers are choosing “green” companies far more than ever.  E mail, SMS and Voice communication solutions enable your organization to drastically decrease the carbon footprint of your day to day communications. Through the use of highly automated electronic delivery mediums you can reduce your impact on the atmosphere and improve your general communication effectiveness.

The information

A current study performed by the International Telecommunications Union has shown that switching from direct mail to an electronic communication approach such as voice, SMS or email reduces CO2 emissions by a staggering 98.five%.

Reduce waste and improve ROI

Electronic delivery implies no tree logging, no paper waste and substantially reduced carbon emissions essential for delivery. The automated nature of broadcast technology also implies a important reduction in energy costs.

The impact of undelivered and returned mail can be high-priced both from a cost and environmental point of view.  Consumers are so overwhelmed with the amount of junk mail received, a company is lucky if the customer even sees their message. With electronic communication delivery, the price to your bottom line and the environment of unsuccessful communications can be lowered to zero.

Moving to a green solution does not imply you have to compromise on the accomplishment of your campaign. Switching from direct mail to electronic delivery can actually increase the return on investment for your campaign. Response prices to SMS, e mail and voice campaigns routinely exceed direct mail campaigns.

In addition to the direct savings to be produced by switching to electronic delivery, there are indirect savings such as mitigation of staffing fees associated with mail merging and physical sorting, decreased wear and tear on printing gear and zero fees for franking and returned mail handling.

The greenest paper is no paper
Fully paperless technology signifies zero tree logging
Zero physical waste
Zero carbon emissions related to delivery (postal vs. electronic delivery)
Zero cost for undeliverable mail
Positive “green” brand recognition
Enhanced ROI
98.5% reduction in overall carbon emissions

The bottom line is easy – demonstrate to your consumers your commitment to the atmosphere via the use of environmentally friendly electronic communications options.