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Green sophisticated epoxy molding compound sought soon after by the marketplace?? Recently mentioned that the planet semiconductor packaging epoxy molding compounds (EMC / Epoxy Molding Compound) or epoxy molding compound), the mid 60s of final century originated in the United States (Hysol), right after carried forward in Japan, now China has turn out to be the world’s swiftly rising EMC manufacturing country. EMC 2006 international demand is anticipated in 16 to 17 million tons, demand in China EMC could 4 tons, consumer demand in these higher-finish epoxy molding compound in green is a hot topic?? Higher-finish epoxy molding material lot of hype. China EMC particular predicament in manufacturing market? Explained that the end of 2006, total production capacity in China EMC total of about 70,000 tons / year, in which Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, Changchun Feng Plastic (Changshu) Co., Ltd. Changxing Electronic Materials ( Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Hitachi Chemical Business (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., five key makers with each other for the 60,000 tons / year, accounting for 86% of total production capacity, other producers can produce about 10,000 tons / year, accounting for 14% of total production capacity.

 EMC is expected by the end of 2008 China’s total capacity to much more than 80,000 tons / year. 2006 EMC Packaging in China about 40,000 tons of total use in mainland China firms account for about 7 percent, about 3 percent of overseas imports of EMC, the development price of about 20% of the next handful of years. According to reports, in 2005 Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. by means of a joint venture to integrate the United States and the former Hysol Electronic Co., Ltd. Jiangsu CLP Warwick sources, has turn into the world’s 3 largest companies of EMC, global marketing and advertising and Hysol Hysol-Huawei this two huge brand EMC, changed the world semiconductor sector competitors pattern EMC in 2006 Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. to undertake the Hysol brand Transferring EMC, have been exported in huge quantities overseas, with robust international competitiveness, as U.S. factories EMC Hysol products in 2007 will be completely transferred to Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. factory and actively develop the overseas market and speed up other firms to expand overseas marketplace, EMC Chinese-created exports will enhance swiftly, China is anticipated to turn out to be the world’s semiconductor EMC lead biggest producer, China is anticipated EMC has turn into the world’s No. two producer of big capacity.

 Domestic R &amp D already has a strength, primary features are: small number of institutions, relying on study institutes, domestic and foreign investments simultaneously. According to reports, the existing professional R &amp D institutions are: domestic Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province, IC packaging materials Engineering Study Center, Beijing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Relying on the first Section of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chemistry foreign investment in Suzhou Sumitomo Electric Wood Co., Ltd. Hitachi Chemical Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Taiwanese Changxing Electronics Components (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. R &amp D centers overseas, and other domestic companies are no EMC professional R &amp D institutions. This R &amp D structure determines the new item improvement and launch, and the provide of advanced packaging with EMC, remains dominated by foreign capital or import grid. Presently SOT, SSOP, TSOP, QFP, TQFP and other advanced packaging used in EMC, the Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd., Suzhou Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., Hitachi Chemical Sector (in Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a big-scale production, and has in a large quantity of domestic enterprises to use foreign package, dominant Changxing Electronic Components (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and Beijing’s very first Division of Microelectronics, also market the improvement of new merchandise now.

 Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. Suzhou IC package mainly high-finish products are the main, dominant Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., 1 the total sales volume, sales of higher-grade EMC 2, with most of China’s packaging industry’s require for higher , in low-finish epoxy molding compound, solution line total. Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. presently produced SSOP, TQFP, QFN, BGA and other advanced packaging used EMC reached the international advanced level and has been fully recognized in the market place, production and sales expanded swiftly. According to reports, the international EMC to epoxy resin method is divided into: ECON, DCPD, Bi-Pheny1 and Multi-Function sort, and so forth. The main products in the domestic capital for SMEs focused ECON epoxy resin program EMC, applies to a wide variety of big Chinese diodes, transistors and other typical packages for SMEs, but there is a low degree of brand recognition, item consistency is poor, weak technologies troubles require to be resolved, and the EMC requirements 5 -10 low temperature refrigerated transport and storage, resulting in higher logistics expense, thereby limiting the lack of sources, modest-scale domestic tiny and medium producers expand the national market, normally in the nearby location marketplace to low-value competition. MCM (MCP), FBP, BGA, CSP, MEMS, SiP and other sophisticated packaging with EMC is nonetheless the primary imports, regional manufacture of EMC also promote testing and certification approach on the volume.