Microelectronics Industrial Base


With integrated circuits for the microelectronics business is represented by electronic information and other higher-tech industries at the heart of data technologies to stimulate industrialization, speed up the standard industrial structure optimization and upgrading key technologies and details society improvement cornerstone of national defense and national security technology guarantees It is 1 of the world’s higher-tech competitive high ground.

Right after “95” and “15” the initial two years of speedy development, Shanghai has basically formed the style, manufacturing, packaging, testing, gas, instruction, and so on. related with IC industry chain, to grow to be the world’s most appealing IC business investment in the world. Shanghai Pudong microelectronics business forward, Caohejing, Songjiang, Qingpu and other regions to accelerate gathering, from east to west across the Shanghai’s “along the two zones” to speed up the formation of the pattern of micro-electronics market base.

Shanghai Microelectronics Business Development Objectives

Shanghai Integrated Circuit Business in order to focus on integrated circuit processing and style lead on the chip manufacturing investment, so as to drive e-machine items by leaps and bounds breakthrough integrated circuits in the electronic details business to play a central strategic role.

Preparing By 2005, Shanghai’s IC business sales income ten billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 80% of China’s IC sales, accounting for the worldwide sales of three% of the integrated circuit market, accounting for the proportion of Shanghai’s industrial sales up 7.four%, and the trend of electronic machine items, chemical supplies, integrated circuit manufacturing gear, and so on. 14 billion U.S. dollars in the improvement of related industries.

By 2010, Shanghai’s IC sales of 40 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 7.two% share of the international marketplace, integrated circuits, accounting for the proportion of Shanghai’s industrial sales up 20%. Shanghai independent improvement of the integrated circuit to attain .07-micron production technology, 64Gb DRAM BGA, BGA-SP, and other PD-kind encapsulated in the package total up to 30%, and conditional assistance to build the market MCM industrialization, a big quantity of utilized in systems products.

By 2015, Shanghai’s IC market sales target of 80 billion U.S. dollars, along the related industries 112 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 8.% share of the international market, integrated circuits, accounting for 27% of Shanghai’s industrial sales, and strive to place their own copyright-chip self-sufficiency rate to 60 % and 80%, the design group to a lot more than 10000 production technologies to .05 micron, 256Gb DRAM, while creating 8-inch or 12-inch production lines the cumulative total of more than 30, total investment 100 billion U.S. dollars over BGA, CSP, multi-layer CSP, BGA-SP, WSI, and other PD-primarily based package into the mainstream MCM, SLIM, SOC, WSI goods widely utilized in the technique. By way of the introduction of several investment funds and to develop an annual output of more than 1 billion packaging factory 7-eight months, and further to kind a FC technology-primarily based, annual output of much more than 100 million lines 4-5 is amended to make Shanghai the world’s biggest IC manufacturing and processing base.

In accordance with the improvement strategy, Shanghai will kind a Shanghai-based Pudong New Location, IC production lines in the microelectronics sector belt to Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Caohejing, and other integrated circuit design and style, represented by bases formed Songjiang, Qingpu and other regional relative concentration of processing and manufacturing, packaging, testing base to make Shanghai turn out to be the country’s largest, highest level, and supporting the most extensive and export of most integrated circuit manufacturing, design and style and packaging center.