The Brand Flip: Why clients now run companies and how to profit from it (Voices That Matter)

The Brand Flip: Why clients now run firms and how to profit from it (Voices That Matter)

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Ideal-promoting brand expert Marty Neumeier shows you how to make the leap from a business-driven previous to the consumer-driven future. You will understand how to flip your brand from offering items to supplying meaning, from worth protection to worth creation, from cost-based pricing to partnership pricing, from marketplace segments to brand tribes, and from consumer satisfaction to client empowerment.


In the 13 years considering that Neumeier wrote The Brand Gap, the influence of social media has verified his core theory: “A brand is not what you say it is it is what they say it is.” Folks are no longer buyers or industry segments or tiny blips in huge information. They don’t acquire brands. They join brands. They want a vote in what gets made and how it gets delivered. They’re prepared to roll up their sleeves and support outnot only by advertising the brand to their buddies, but by contributing content material, volunteering tips, and even promoting items or solutions.


At the center of the book is the Brand Commitment Matrix, a simple tool for organizing the six principal components of a brand. Your brand neighborhood is your tribe. How will you lead it?

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  • The Brand Flip Why Clients Now Run Companies and How to Profit from It

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