The Evolution of the Search Engine User – How to Get Lengthy Tail Search Engine Traffic


Every single year search engine customers are getting much more and more sophisticated in how they use the search engines. Their searches are acquiring far more detailed so that they can get the most relevant final results with out needing to browse several pages of listings. 

A recent report from Hitwise indicated that one particular and two word search queries are on the decline. Half of all searches are now 3 or much more words long and even 8 word+ searches are becoming typical.

What that indicates to you is that the “lengthy tail” of the search engine is becoming larger while the primary keywords of every single niche are getting searched for less and significantly less, which tends to make them less valuable. 

This is actually a very good factor as it provides you much more chance to capture traffic for searches that have very little competitors vs key phrases that have thousands of even millions of competing internet sites.

How To Capture Extended Tail Traffic

In 2007, Google’s VP of engineering, Udi Manber mentioned that 20-25% of all queries received by Google are ones they’ve in no way observed prior to. Many far more are queries that only come up a handful of occasions each month. 

Whilst every person query may only be a little bit of traffic, I speak from knowledge when I say that thousands of crucial phrases that bring in only a tiny visitors each and every month add up when there are enough of them. I after owned a website that was obtaining targeted traffic from 20,000 distinctive keywords and phrases each month. The prime 10 keywords only brought in about 20% of the visitors to the website. And a full 70% of the traffic came from keywords that brought in 10 or much less guests each and every month.

So how do you go about capturing that content?

Obviously, it isn’t cost or time successful to generate a distinctive web page for each of these key phrases. In the instance I referred to above, we only had about 400 pages of content material on the site. So, on average, every web page brought in people from 50 different phrases.

The real essential to capturing this visitors is not the quantity of your content but the good quality. For example, we produce pages that had been 2,000 – three,000 words long that were clearly written by specialists on the topic. They weren’t brief small posts written by some person who had no thought what they were writing. 

I know I’ve talked about generating fantastic high quality content material in other articles, but if you really want to capture enormous amounts of extended tail traffic, it is totally essential.